Friday, 8 February 2013

Windows 8 Activation Crack (All Versions)

Windows 8 activated with 7TKKMSA server can be used genuinely for 180 days, allowing all personalization and full features. Reactivation after 180 days is also possible as long as the KMS servers are online.

Activator 1 :


- KMS Activation
  - Windows 8
  - Expiremental Office 2013
  - Key insertion
  - One click activation
  - Leaves no traces
  - Includes servers, updated daily

- KMS Background activation
  - Constantly tries to activate your system in the background
  - Looks for and finds new KMS servers
  - Set the speed at which it searches and attempts

- KMS auto-activate service
  - Auto reactivates the system so that you never have to worry about it

- Activation backups
  - Backup and restore Windows 8 Activations
  - Backup and restore Office 2013 Activations

- Misc.
  - Metro inspired UI
  - Install Language packs
  - Disable Metro hotcorners
  - Remove overlay activation watermark
  - Permission fixer
  - Enable/Disable Hybrid Shutdown
  - Change bootloader
  - Phone activation dialog
  - Boot to Desktop

Future features:

- Phone Activation Helper
  - Inserts key and guides you through Windows 8 phone activation

- Office Phone Activation Helper
  - Guides you through Microsoft Office 2013 phone activation

- Misc.
  - Block ads (System wide)
  - Disable Lockscreen


Activator 2 :

Microsoft Windows 8 and Server 2012 KMS Activator 1.4.1
Run the application as administrator.
This requires an internet connection for activation.

Note : The above two activators are tested & they work perfectly on any Windows 8 version. You may use any one of them.They may be detected by antivirus as Trojan or Malware, so turn it of while using the activation cracks.You can also try this method for activating Windows 8 offline.

RAR File
1.1 MB

Screenshots :

Activator 1

Activator 2

Activator 2



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