Thursday, 27 September 2012

HELLo friends today i m share with you one more trick How to make USB Drive a dead hard disk,Some time you have purchase new laptop or you have crash CD or waste garbage. Using a dead Hard Drive.
Step :1
Take A Hard Disk.

Step :2 Open cover

Open cover of hard disk.

Step :3 Compare

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Step :4 Hub

For this purpose, I removed the plastic case.
Step :5 Install

I placed the “nekkid” USB hub into the area where the platter used to be.
I was only placing this temporarily, if I was going to keep this mod permanent, I would glue the hub in either using epoxy or hot glue.
Step :6 Install

Now add your Flash Drives, you may have to remove the casing for some to fit well.
Step :7 Button it up.

Replace the cover to the Hard Drive, and plug in!
Now you will have a “new” Flash Drive that will be sure to get some comments.


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