Monday, 6 August 2012

Enjoy Dedicated Server Hosting with ServerClub

Server Club is one of the leading providers of server hosting and other services. The company offers a vast array of service from where you can choose from. The company was started in 2005 and has earned a good reputation in short span of time. Company provides variety of dedicated servers at affordable price.
The company has its server farms on some of the secure locations on the planets. The company take every possible measure so that your site and data is always up and secure. Many custom protocols are designed by the company to deal with DOS attacks and other vulnerabilities. This is one of the major factor works in favor of the company.
Almost all the servers have been replaced with those which are equipped with the latest processors and other equipment. All the servers are built on Intel Xeon processors with latest technology from the Cisco Systems. All this will ensure that your site is always up.
Another innovative facility that is given by the company is the customization of the servers. You can configure the servers according to your demands and requirements. Here is the list of some of the models that are provided by the company for customization:
Dell R210
Dell R210 SAS
Dell R410
Dell R510 SATA
Dell R510 SAS
Dell R610
Plans and Offers: The Company has various plans and offers for its customers that has different needs. The plans are:
1. Unlimited Traffic Plan: There is no restriction on the amount of traffic that comes on your website.
2. Limited Volume Traffic Plan: You are required to pay only for the limited amount of the traffic. You are charged according to per GB of the incoming traffic.
3. 95 Percentile: This is based on the peak utilization factor of the bandwidth.  This involves the calculation of the incoming and outgoing traffic and billing is based on the higher amongst them. This plan has received a lot of customer criticism.
The company will deploy your hosting instantly within minutes of receiving payments from you. Company offers affordable hosting as compared to other providers.
Simply rely on and keep all your queries at bay whether you running a small business or an entire enterprise network.

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